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About New West

The company was founded by Baiwei Beer 2006 as a fashion design and manufacturing company. With headquarters in Germany and a factory in China the main business was import/export and the distribution of our designed and manufactured fashion products from China to Germany. Our main customers were private boutique fashion stores but also big chains and brands such as Jack & Jones ordered from us.

To meet demand during high season we had up to 700 employees working in our A-List factory. An output of 5000-6000 items per month could be reached.

2014 due to change chinese politics namely the nationalisation of private companies our factory in China was sold to the chinese government.  

Since then New West reinvented itself as a real estate company trying to renovate hotels.

Company History


The beginnings

Founding of New West Business Development GmbH. Building a network of customers across Germany.



Subcontracting the factory to perfect system GmbH.



Moved from fashion business to real estate.

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